Congratulations to our two new Npors Instructors, Lee Williams & Kyle Whaley who have successfully completed a 10 Day & 5 Day NPORS Instructors Course. stick_figure_standing_construction_site_400_clr_4091

Completing the course enables both Novice and Experienced Instructors to gain Registration and Certification to enable them to carry out instruction on various pieces of plant machinery depending on their knowledge, experience and certification.  Instructors play an integral role in the training and  testing process to ensure trainees safely operate plant machinery and equipment. As an instructor you will be technically competent and have an understanding of various teaching methods.

Becoming an NPORS Instructor will allow the individual to deliver courses on the following pieces of plant equipment as long as they can prove practical and theoretical knowledge on the specific category for at least 24 months

Agricultural Tractor – (N601)Loading Shovel – (N209)
All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) – (N608)Lorry Loader – (N107)
Appointed Persons Lifting Operations – (N401)Lorry Mounted Lift Truck – (N004)
Bench Saw – (N302)Material Re-handler 360 – (N722)
Cable Avoidance Tool – (N304)MEWP Boom – (N108)
Chainsaw – Maintenance & Cross Cutting – (N602)MEWP Scissor Lift – (N109)
Chipper – (N244)Mobile Crane – (N101)
Circular Saw – (N303)Mobile Towers – (N706)
Concrete Pump – (N211)Overhead Container Gantry Crane – (N114)
Confined Spaces – (N702)Overhead Crane – (N104)
Construction Safety Awareness – (S001)Plant Loader and Securer – (N120)
Container Handler – (N012)Rail Handler – Ironman – (N504)
Crane Supervisor – (N405)Reach Truck – (N003)
Crawler Crane – (N103)Rear Dump Truck – (N205)
Crusher – (N207)Road Planer – (N216)
Dozer – (N215)Road Roller – (N214)
Excavator 180 – (N201)Road Sweeper – (N217)
Excavator 360° – (N226)Rough Terrain Lift Truck – (N009)
Excavator as a Crane – (N100)Screener – (N208)
Forward Tipping Dumper – (N204)Skidsteer Loader – (N212)
Generator – (N506)Skip Lorries – (N219)
Grass Cutters/Mowers – (N604)Slinger – Signaller – (N402)
Gritter and Snowplough – (N802)Static Concrete Placing Boom (N721)
Hoist – Test Sheet – (N111b)Telescopic Handler – (N010)
Industrial Counterbalance Lift Truck – (N001)Tower Crane – (N102)
Industrial Telescopic Handler – (N011)Tower Crane Remote Control- (N115)
Load and Secure Excavator up to 5T – (N124)Trencher – (N203)
Loader Compressor – (N206)Vehicle Banksman – (N403)

We are also pleased to announce we will be running an NPORS instructor Train The Trainer Course at our centre at some point in February, for more information about becoming a Certified Instructor contact us or visit