We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Portable Appliance Testing to companies.

Health and safety regulations require that electrical appliances are safe and maintained to prevent harm to workers. Many equipment manufacturers recommend testing at regular intervals to ensure continual safety; the interval between tests depends on the type of appliance and the type of environment it is primarily used in.

Our Competent PAT Testing technician is able to carry out the in-service inspection and testing of portable electrical equipment to comply with the IET Code of Practice at company and on- site locations.

Our Technician will give you an insight into potential signs that may occur allowing faults and problems to be picked up before they result in danger, they will also carry out a thorough examination and test of each appliance, including a label and certificate of inspection as proof.

Regular Testing allows appliances to be used safely and effectively and also minimizes the risk of injury.

For more information please contact us.